Together - day by day (poem / Gedicht)

Long time ago in the year 1989 I tryed to write a romantic poem in english. I did it just for fun and hope that even english natives will be able to understand what I wrote in my funny kind of way :-)

Ein romantisches Liebesgedicht auf Englisch; was ich nicht alles in meiner Gedichte-Sammlung gefunden habe :-) Das Gedicht ist sicher nicht ganz korrekt, denn so gut ist mein Englisch nicht, aber ich denke mal viele von euch werden gut verstehen, was ich da geschrieben habe.

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Together - day by day

This song that I composed for you

is asking you, what shall I do?

I want to be with you tonight

and hold you in my arms so tight.

Don't you remember what I said

when we got closer in my bed?

Let's spend most time together

in every kind of weather.

I hope that you'll come back to me

it is the best place you can be.

I promise you that we will be

strongly together - day by day.

© Guido Lehmann, (1989)



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